Gaddafi killed; India offers assistance to Libya

New Delhi: Reacting to the killing of Libya’s long-standing ruler Muammar Gaddafi, India on Thursday hoped for return of stability in the North African country and offered assistance to the people of Libya in ‘their political transition and rebuilding of the country’.

“We have seen reports that Col. Gaddafi has been killed in Sirte, Libya. The strife in Libya and the suffering of its people has been a matter of concern to us,” external affairs ministry spokesperson, Vishnu Prakash, said in response to a question.

“We hope that peace and stability would soon return to Libya,” he added.

“India’s relations with the people of Libya are deep and long standing. At this juncture, India reiterates its readiness to extend all possible assistance to the people of Libya in their political transition and rebuilding of the country,” Prakash said.

India has significant investments in Libya’s energy sector. Around 18,000 Indians lived in Libya till the crisis erupted early this year following which most of them were evacuated with the help of the Indian government.

The maverick 69-year-old, who preached a blend of ideology based on Islam and socialism, died in his hometown Sirte, apparently after being wounded in the legs. A fighter from the National Transitional Council (NTC) told BBC that Gaddafi cried for mercy as the forces advanced menacingly. ‘Don’t shoot,’ he pleaded while hiding in a hole.