Osama’s son threatens to sue US

Washington:  Osama Bin Laden’s son Omar has condemned the killing of his father and threatened to take legal action against the US.

Omar, who is Osama’s fourth eldest son, claimed he and the al Qaeda chief’s other children are reserving the right to take legal action in the US to “determine the true fate of our vanished father”, according to a statement apparently made by Omar bin Laden posted on an Islamist website.

He also branded his father’s burial at sea as a “humiliation” for his family, Daily Mail reported citing the SITE Intelligence Group, an online monitoring service.

There was no independent confirmation of the authenticity of the letter. It was published on the website of Islamist ideologue Abu Walid al-Masri. Several specialists on militant propaganda said the text appeared genuine, the Mail said.

The news came as it emerged that the CIA will allow a select few lawmakers to view the controversial pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse. The CIA will allow the group to see the photos only if they travel to the agency’s headquarters.

The move came as the White House faced renewed pressure to release the grisly images, following a series of requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act, according to the Mail. Osama was shot dead by US special forces last week at his hideout in Pakistan’s Abbottabad town.

President Obama has so far strongly resisted calls to release the pictures as “proof” of the terror chief’s death, the Mail said.

Omar Bin Laden, 30, is married to a British woman 25 years his elder. The couple is based in the Gulf in recent years. (IANS)