Virgin Galactic Spaceship Returns from Space with Branson, Crew

Virgin Galactic spaceship returns from space with Branson, crew

WASHINGTON DC, July 11: Virgin Galactic Spaceship Unity carrying a crew of four, including British billionaire Richard Branson, dabbled into space and returned to Earth safely, a live stream of the event showed on Sunday.

After separating from the mothership, Unity went up about 62 miles, briefly exposing the crew to zero gravity, Sputnik reported. This marked Unity’s first test of suborbital flight, helping Virgin Galactic to demonstrate that space tourism is safe.

Earlier, the spaceship took off from a spaceport in New Mexico, with UK billionaire Branson on board. The ship carried a crew of four including Virgin Galactic’s owner, Branson, and Indian-American Sirisha Bandla.

The flight conducted more than 20 test flights, three of which have reached the edge of space. This was the first fully-crewed suborbital test of Unity.