Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s Exhibition Boxing Match Ends Without a Winner

Mayweather and Logan Paul's exhibition boxing match ends without a winner

Florida, June 7: YouTube character Logan Paul bolted horns with previous American fighter Floyd Mayweather in an entertaining boxing match on Sunday didn’t have a champ at the Hard Rock Stadium.

As per New York Times, Floyd Mayweather came into the match against a truly bigger man – Paul, who said something 34 1/2 pounds heavier and was 6 inches taller than the fighter. YouTube star-turned-prizefighter Paul had tasted rout in the lone expert battle he highlighted in while Mayweather had enlisted 50 years of wins.

Seeing the colossal hole between the experience of the two stars, many felt that Mayweather would effectively take out Paul. In any case, the YouTube star landed punches all through the eight rounds in the match.

All things considered, Floyd Mayweather, who has various world title belts to his name, overwhelmed him however no champ was named as there was nobody to pass judgment on the battle.

“He’s superior to I thought he was. I was shocked by him around evening time. He realized how to utilize his weight and he tied me up around evening time,” New York Times cited Mayweather as saying after the battle.

“It’s an honor to effortlessly the ring with him, this is the coolest thing ever. I’m happy I made it out. He’s old however he’s difficult to hit,” Paul said after the battle.