“Never met, don’t know Majeed”

New Delhi: Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh rubbished the claims of a London-based bookie Mazhar Majeed that he had ‘access’ to them.

The Indian cricketers further went on to say that they had never even met Majeed.

Majeed made his claims while talking to an undercover reporter, who conducted a sting operation on the alleged bookie. The recordings of the conversation were played to a jury and the judge during the criminal trials of Pakistani cricketers, accused of spot-fixing.

Harbhajan Singh threatened action whereas Yuvraj ridiculed the report of his name coming up during the trial.

“I don’t know who this person is, I have never met him. We will definitely take some action against him. I don’t whether it will be a legal action or whatever,” said Harbhajan. “But I will definitely bring it to BCCI’s notice and I am sure that they will take the right kind of action against these kind people who are trying to spoil the game,” he added.

Yuvraj Singh tweeted rubbishing the report.

“And who is majid!! Absolute rubbish! Don’t know never met!” Yuvraj wrote. “The problem in India is if someone says a rooster has given an egg it will become news !! Whether it’s true or not it doesn’t matter,” he fumed.

According to media reports, Majeed names these two Indian cricketers along with many other international players. Other players have also rejected the reported claims.