Olympic flame arrives in Britain

London: The Olympic flame arrived in Britain Friday after being flown from Athens, Greece, for the London 2012 torch relay.

A gold-coloured plane named The Firefly landed at RNAS Culdrose and was greeted by cheering crowds and a waiting deputy British Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Xinhua reported.

The Princess Royal carried the transportation lantern containing the flame from the aircraft and on to the tarmac. It was transferred to a London 2012 torch and David Beckham lit a cauldron, to mark the flame’s arrival on British soil.

Clegg told the BBC: “Eight thousand people will pass it from hand-to-hand, a human chain that reaches the length and breadth of Britain.

“With every step, the excitement will build. Ten weeks from now, the world will watch as the flame arrives at the Olympic Stadium, bringing with it the hopes of a nation.”