Bursting eco-friendly fire crackers this Diwali

Rajahmundry: Environmentally-conscious people in Hyderabad and some other parts of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh are increasingly opting for eco-friendly and smokeless fire crackers this Diwali.

The eco-friendly crackers are made of recycled paper and do not contain as many chemicals as conventional fire crackers. They emit less smoke and noise, an eco-fire cracker dealer told PTI.

“People do not know much about eco-friendly crackers. We must educate them and create awareness among the public about these products. Then only we can create a pollution-free environment for future generations,” he said.

Unlike the normal cracker making method, eco-friendly crackers are based on a vacuum combustion method. These crackers produce colourful sparks with considerable sound and less smoke.

Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board member Srinivas said, “we are thankful to eco-friendly fire cracker manufacturers for producing non-polluting and safe products, especially for children.”

“These crackers can be enjoyed inside the house as well,” he added. Srinivas said prices of such crackers are low compared to the sound-making ones.