‘Gandhigiri’ prescribed to Goa police

Panji: The Goa police were advised to empathise with the common people and adopt Gandhian values in their day-to-day life. The Goa police chief imposed ‘Gandhigiri’ on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti yesterday for an image make-over.

“I want that they should be empathetic with the public who approach with their grievances. It will be obligatory on the part of police to have community interaction,” DGP Aditya Arya told.

“Policemen should adhere to the values of Gandhi in their day-to-day life,” he said, suggesting that they should be seen as part of their families by the common people.

The department has also decided to rope in youngsters by setting up a unique police cadre at par with the National Social Service (NSS) and National Cadet Corps (NCC).

“There is fear about policemen in everyone right from childhood. We want to change this perception,” Arya said.

When pointed out that alcoholism has been a major problem faced by the over-stressed Indian police force, Arya said, “We will have Brahamakumaris delivering discourse to policemen on October 13 and 14.”