Indian Bureaucracy allowed using ‘Hinglish’

New Delhi: Indian home ministry has decided to allow bureaucrats to use English words in the Devnagari script while making notes. This has come as a relief for the bureaucrats who until now had to look for formal Hindi words to be inserted in their notes. This step takes away pressures of unwanted ‘Sanskritisation’ and allows usage of more normal, everyday language.

The move provides relief for babus who previously spent time searching high and low for Hindi translations of terms like ‘rainwater harvesting’ and ‘deforestation’. Few people are likely to have words like ‘varsha-jal sanrakshan’ or ‘nirvanikaran’ ready on the tips of their tongues. Bureaucrats shouldn’t have to spend time surfing through dictionaries for translations that are almost incomprehensible to most people.

The home ministry’s move is also a step towards recognising the freedom of language itself. Recognising how some words and terms from a range of dialects have percolated into Hindi, becoming part and parcel of its regular use, the ministry has allowed these to be noted accordingly in government records.

This acknowledges the fact that Indian culture and idioms contain the flavours and influences of other cultures and idioms, which charges it with energy in diversity.