Invest today into opening a security company

Many businesses are looking for ways to keep their properties, individuals, and interests safe, whether it is from theft, violence, physical threats, damage and more. With growing security concerns, there are plenty of opportunities available if you’re considering starting a security company.

The private security industry is growing annually, and the demand for security and opportunities to secure income that can be open to ongoing expansion. Shawn Delaney, the founder of Shawn Delaney Consultancy, has helped licensed security guards open their own security company, as well as provide a direct opportunity to apply for security tenders and new businesses needing security services.

You must be a licensed security guard with some field experience, before considering about opening a security company, as responsibility for a person’s life or property is expected to come from a company, where the owner/operator has had experience as security officers themselves.

Every year both the State and Federal Government release tenders for the provision of various security services and invite security operators to apply. SDC Consultants can help with the preparation and roll-out of the contract if successful.

To achieve opening a security company, you must have enough financial backing to cover licences, insurance, marketing, and ongoing operating costs, like wages for guards until you are paid by your client. You also need to establish your presence on social media. Because of the services you provide, it is advisable to keep your interactions with your followers discreet and professional.

As the owner of a security company, you need to measure efficiency and performance of your business and this can only be done if you have set goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). You need to select the right goals and KPIs to ensure you’re meeting or if the case may be, exceeding your client’s expectations.

Shawn Delaney Consultancy offers a business pack, that includes licensing and marketing support. We do all the work to help you get started in business. We can develop a capability plan and help with ongoing sales support.

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