Japan’s Instant Noodle Museum

The Japanese have opened a museum to show their love for noodles.

Nissin Foods opened a museum in Yokohama, Japan, to celebrate 40 years of this world famous food. On display is the history of the instant noodle, created by Momofuku Ando, who invented chicken ramen noodles way back in 1958 after witnessing people go nuts for noodles in post-war Japan.

The museum is spread upto 10,000 square meters containing a ‘My Cup Noodle Factory’. This factory will allow visitors to have fun while creating their own flavour. It also includes restaurants that serve every type of noodle imaginable.

On the day of its opening, 500 people waited in line, including Junichiro Koizumi, the former Japanese premier. The museum offers fun and recreation for children and parents as well. Inside, parents will be able to browse the many kinds of noodles while their kids take advantage of the ‘noodle play area’.