Korean couple settled in Chandigarh to learn English

Chandigarh: A couple from Korea is among a host of families from south-east Asian nations who have shifted their base to Chandigarh from their native country, primarily to teach English language to their children.

39-year-old Seung Chang Ha from Korea, who worked with a Germany-based trade company, decided to settle down in this Union Territory so that he could teach English to his children and also learn it himself.

“I arrived here five months back. The primary reason of my coming here with my family is to teach English to my children. My wife is also keen on learning the language while I myself have enrolled for a course at Panjab University here. We shifted to India because we like the country and thought we will get quality education here at reasonable price,” says Chang.

His wife Kun Youngseo, son Wan Ha who is studying in Class I and daughter Seo Jin Ha who is studying in nursery class, have already picked up some words of the language and hope to learn it soon.

“I have enrolled my children at the British School here, which already has 34 foreign students, including 20 from Korea, 10 from Thailand and four from Iran. Back home, English is not a priority language and our children don’t get to learn it,” says Chang.