Love is good for our hearts

According to latest findings, being in love and being loved helps us stay healthy and is particularly good for our hearts.

World Heart Federation, an NGO dedicated to the global prevention of heart disease and stroke has reported this news. The research showed that affection and kindness in our lives helps us to maintain a good mental attitude, while enhancing health through its positive impact on immune systems and the heart.

A loving atmosphere, whether from friends, family or a partner also reduces stress, depression and anxiety, which are recognised as major psychological risk factors that cause heart disease.

One in three of us will die from developing heart disease or stroke. Smoking, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can increase our risk by 20 per cent of developing heart disease by the age of 50 for men and 60 for women.

“This is why we are stressing the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and the positive impact that love can make in keeping your heart healthy”, says Professor Mario Maranhão, President of the World Heart Federation.

“Finding the right balance between physical and emotional health is so important. The presence of social support and social networks in improving health and preventing premature death, are very important especially when taken together with all the preventative actions such as stopping smoking, taking regular physical exercise and adopting healthy diets,” concluded Professor Maranhão.

The World Heart Federation says:

• Stress levels can be reduced by finding time to relax and by getting a peaceful sleep.
• Diversify your diet, with fresh fruit, whole grains and vegetables.
• Take alcohol in moderation and reduce the levels of saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet.
• Exercise regularly