Message pops up on Australian beach after 14 years

A message popped up along Southwest Australian Big Quaram Beach, 14 years after it was sealed in a bottle and tossed into the ocean.

In February 1997, George Tereshkovich, a retired Texas Tech University professor, was aboard a cruise liner along with his wife. Out of curiosity, he wrote a message, sealed it in a bottle and threw it into the ocean.

In late April 2011, a couple on a hiking trip spotted the bottle, which also included Tereshkovich’s business card, 6,000 miles (9,656 km) from its origin.

Tereshkovich and his wife were on a cruise ship when he wrote the note. The ship had left from San Diego to go around the world and disembark in Ft Lauderdale, 102 days later. The idea for the message struck him after crossing the equator.

“I remember I wrote February 1997, and I told them I was on a world cruise with my wife,” he said.

“I said to the finder of this note, I will award them USD 5 if they send me the message back. But I wondered, ‘What address do I give to return my letter?'”

Diane Chanut spotted the bottle while vacationing at Big Quaram Beach with her partner, Luke McLaren.

“We opened up the bottle to get the piece of paper out. It was very faded by the sun, but we managed to read it and also found the attached business card, which was in very good condition,” Chanut said.

The couple then contacted the university, which informed Tereshkovich regarding the bottle find.