Northerners have bigger brains than those in south

London: People who live in the northern regions have bigger brains than those staying in the south, says a study.

But this does not necessarily mean that northerners are any more intelligent than people from southern regions. It just means that the northerners have evolved to cope better with longer winters and grey skies in northern climates, say British researchers.

A team at Oxford University, who measured the brain volume of 55 skulls from around the world, came out with this intriguing theory that people from countries further from the equator have more grey matter and larger eyes than those from sunnier parts, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reported. This is mainly because living in low light conditions means the eyes and brain need to work harder to process images to a good level of detail or ‘high resolution’ , say researchers.

Lead author Eiluned Pearce said the study suggests that the bigger brains and eyes are needed to see properly in dimmer light.

“As you move away from equator, there’s less light available, so humans have had to evolve bigger and bigger eyes. Their brains also need to be bigger to deal with extra visual input. “Having bigger brains doesn’t mean that humans living at higher latitudes are smarter, it just means they need bigger brains to be able to see well,” she said.