Now, tweet in Hindi

New Delhi: On the eve of Hindi Diwas, Twitter launched the Hindi version of its service with much pomp and flare. A Hindi version of Twitter was much anticipated in view of the number of Indian and Hindi speaking users registered with the front runner micro blogging service. Facebook launched its services in Hindi and eight other Indian languages a while back. Twitter, with its 200 million subscribers worldwide, may be a late entrant. However, given the fact that Twitter doesn’t have to worry about potential competition from the likes of Google Plus, the move is rather timely.

Prior to the arrival of Twitter’s latest incarnation, subscribers who wished to tweet in Hindi had to go to Google and have the message translated first. The translated message could then be pasted and tweeted on Twitter. This meant that the person needed to be not only highly proficient in English but also a tech savvy user. Twitter has demolished these barriers with the introduction of the new version of Twitter in Hindi. An individual with even a basic knowledge of computers can use Twitter without any major challenges. The move by Twitter to introduce tweeting in Hindi can be viewed as a calculated move to reach out and touch millions of Hindi users not only in India but around the world. It can also be interpreted as a well-articulated market strategy to reach subscribers at the local level. There are several studies which suggest that many potential subscribers hesitate to join social networking platforms because of the language barrier or simply their limited knowledge of English.

The announcement from Twitter and its subsequent implementation can help companies improve their market penetration as well. Organizations which wish to either constitute or increase their consumer base via social media can now leverage the new opportunity to engage a new audience. What could be better than a medium to reach your target audience in their very own language?