Prince Charles now favoured as next king of England

London: Prince Charles seems to have won a lot of hearts in becoming people’s choice to succeed Queen Elizabeth II, who is now 86.

Charles’ popularity has surged following his role in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. His prominence during the holiday festivities has seen the public’s affection for him rocket, a poll has revealed.

In a marked shift in mood, the poll reveals that the country now thinks Charles, 63, is the best person to take over the throne, should the Queen abdicate or die, reversing previous findings that the Crown should go straight to Prince William, Daily Express reported.

People were moved by Charles’ emotive speech at the end of the Buckingham Palace concert in which he lovingly referred to the Queen as “Mummy”. They were also influenced with the way he was resolutely at his mother’s side during that evening’s events and the following day’s commemorative service in the absence of his ill father.

Only a fortnight ago 44 per cent people had said they would prefer William to be the next king, compared to 38 per cent who favoured Charles.

But the latest YouGov poll sees the figures exactly reversed, with Charles drawing 44 per cent of the votes to William’s 38.

The results will be a boon to the Prince of Wales, who along with his wife the Duchess of Cornwall has seen his image improve significantly in recent years. This is, however, for the first time that a poll has favoured Charles to succeed the Queen since 2005.

Public opinion towards both, Charles and Camilla, has seemingly warmed in recent times with the latter successfully winning over many of those who attacked her following Princess Diana’s death in a road accident.