Ram Navami celebrated across India

Mumbai: Ram Navami was celebrated with devotion in temples on Sunday to herald the ninth day of the Hindu calendar’s first month of Chaitra and the birth of Lord Ram.

The day is also the culmination of the Chaitra Navratra during which devotees fast for nine days at a stretch.

Ram Navami was celebrated with great pomp as devotees presented offerings to Lord Ram at dawn and continued throughout the day. At noon, the time when Lord Ram is said to have been born, devotional songs were sung in his praise. Bhajans, kirtans and distribution of prasadam after the aarti happened at most temples.

At some places, the festival lasted for the nine days of the Navratras, marked by continuous recital of the Ramacharitamanas, which culminated Sunday.

Images of the infant Ram were placed on cradles and rocked by devotees. Since Ram is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu having been born at noon, temples and family shrines are elaborately decorated and traditional prayers are chanted since the morning.

Special havans were also organised, along with Vedic chanting of mantras and offerings of fruits and flowers. Many followers mark this day with ‘Vrata’ (fasting) through the day followed by feasting in the evening or at the culmination of celebrations.