Runway Dedication

A full-time Aerospace Engineer by profession and part-time actor, model as a hobby, Amit is determined to be the best in both.

Melbourne’s Amit Singh Saini who recently won Gamourgenic Pageants, Cyberface Top Model, Next Top Model & Mr photogenic 2020 says dreams do come true.

Amit has worked in many music videos, short films, feature films and TV shows at national and international level as actor and model. He is also a brand Ambassador of some national and international, profit and non-profit organisations.

Amit’s story is about dreams, fuelled by passion and hard work. Amit, a pampered Punjabi child was raised by over-protective parents from a Bhaniyawala a small village in Dehradun, India. Amit knew from early days that if he did not travel, live overseas and gain insights into other countries’ cultures, he would always remain sheltered from all what the world has to offer.

Amit said, “I really wanted to be independent and understand the world myself or I wouldn’t survive if anything happened to my parents on my own as I was always so protected by them.”

Amit was fascinated with aircrafts since he was little, they had a small airport close to their home in Dehradun. There was also an aeronautical school next to the airport. Amit knew destiny had plans for him when he got admission to study in the aeronautical school. On completion of school, Amit decided to go to Scotland to complete his degree of Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering in 2010 and then further to Australia to complete his Masters.

When Amit arrived in Melbourne in 2014, he had big dreams and determination to make it in the new country. He had always been good in studies and was often among the top three students in the class. He was also a great dancer and often participated in annual events and interstate competitions. He knew the importance and how to balance studies and creative activities.

In 2015, Amit travelled to Sydney with a friend who was participating in a pageant and that really fascinated him, he was so influenced by the world of glamour, his inner voice said, ‘if they can do it, I can definitely do it too.’

Amit returned to Melbourne a changed man, he joined a gym and managed to reduce his weight down to seventy-five kilos from one hundred and ten kilos in six months. Amit felt confident and knew that he was now ready for his first pageant and since then there was no looking back for him.

Between 2016 to 2020 Amit won over 14 titles, from Mr Intelligence, Mr Handsome, Mr Punjab Australia, Mr Bollywood King, Mr Diamond Australia (runner up ), Mr Melbourne Australia, Mr British Empire (World finale ) 2018, Mr Photogenic to name a few. There was an inner urge he felt to succeed and keep going further.

When asked how it feels to have won so many titles in such a short time, he said “It feels great. I mean living a dream is always something very special and not many people are fortunate enough in their life to live it.”

Mr Bollywood King 2016 in Sydney would always be his favourite title and will always be dear to his heart as that was the first title he had ever won, amongst others his highly valued title would always be Mr British Empire World 2018, in which he competed against many talented and great looking models from around the world who had better height and excellent physiques and being named a winner was truly a great achievement for him he feels.

Besides winning many glamourous titles, Amit is also a devoted Aerospace Engineer. He aims high in his professional field too. His bachelor’s degree in Scotland taught him all about aircraft from design to function while his Masters in Melbourne, Australia was more focused on the management side of an airport and an airline. Amit said, “I am glad I have knowledge of both which helps me and gives me an edge at work. I am now involved in the designing side of the airports which I feel is a dream come true and is always satisfying.”

At the age of twenty-eight, he is armed with the unique combination of dealing with aircraft and airports dreaming of in the sky while modelling on the side on the ground but still aiming very high.

Asked if he could pick his greatest achievement so far between being an Aerospace Engineer and a glamour King, Amit says “I believe both are my greatest achievements. Engineering is something I really love, and I worked hard for as I know that you need something stable in life. Acting and modelling is more like my hobby and that is how I pursued it and work in the industry. I think I have been able to strike a good balance between both as both are close to my heart.”

One of Amit’s most exciting moments was working with Miss Pooja, a top artist from Punjab in India on a music video ‘Tu Meri Care Ni Karda’ in 2018.

Amit recalls when he received a call from the director for the role he did not know the name of the artist he was going shoot the video with, just two days prior to commencing the shoot, they informed him that it was Miss Pooja listening to which he said he was just speechless.

“I am a big fan of Miss Pooja and have heard all her songs, working with her was an exciting shock for me,” says Amit, who is modest as he tells the story of shooting the music video with the idol of his. The song was super hit with over 15 million views on YouTube.

So, where does this Aerospace Engineer cum pageant glamour model aim for next? He would like to see himself working in a big airport like Melbourne Tullamarine as a Design Engineer and taking care of the airport.

He would also continue working with talent organisations that would lead him to Bollywood.

Amit said “I would like to be a role model and set an example for others. I want to use my position to spread awareness to mankind that we human are all same and equal, we should not discriminate others based on gender, caste, religion, colour or sexuality. We should support each other and stand for each other to make this earth a better place, especially with the situation today. And don’t forget to dream because dreams do come true” Amit feels that Australia is a country destined for him and it has given him everything for which he will always be indebted.

By Andrea Manno