The craze over 11.11.11

New Delhi: Thousands of weddings, hospital rooms fully booked for deliveries and many lining up to start a new venture – a lot more is waiting to happen on Friday 11.11.11. It is a date that has arrived after a century and astrologers say the date is the best on which to start a new venture.

“The date is not very known for its planet charts in the Hindu calender. But in numerology, 11.11.11 totals up to 6, which is very auspicious for anybody who wants to start anything new,” Ravindra Nagar, head priest of Birla Temple in central Delhi, told.

“There are nearly 30,000 weddings slated at the Birla temple today, especially Indians from abroad have scheduled weddings. We have called priests from Ayodhya and Mathura to conduct the weddings,” Nagar added.

According to numerology experts, 3, 6, 9 are the auspicious numbers. So the number fortune will also be valid for 12.12.12- that will add up to 9.

“As far as weddings are concerned, 11.11.11 will free the couple from all the faulty positions in the planets. The marriages that happen on this day are blessed to remain prosperous and have a long life,” said Usha Kaushal, a priest at the Sanatan Dharam temple in central Delhi’s Shanker Road.

The list of auspicious things slated for the big date does not end here. Astrologers say the day is also when many women would want their babies to first see the world. Hospital rooms are booked in advance as deliveries have been postponed to coincide with the once-in-a-lifetime configuration.

“We have a booking at 11 a.m. on 11.11.11. The parents had been waiting for this day anxiously as the delivery was planned for sometime early November only,” said a spokesperson of the Apollo hospital in the capital.

The day will also prove lucky for people who want to buy a new car, a new property, enter a new home, start a new business or even throw a party.

Shikha Vaishnavi, a 29-year old corporate executive, said the notion has gone well with people as faith in astrology remains high at all times.

“I had been planning to buy a new car this Diwali, but my family priest told me to buy it on Friday 11.11.11. I decided to wait for 15 days as this was a lucky date,” she told.

The next fortunate date would be 12.12.12. So if you miss your date with 11.11.11, you may just try your luck on 12.12.12!