We Value Life: Entrepreneurs with a Heart of Gold

We Value Life: Entrepreneurs with a Heart of Gold

Medsurge Healthcare saves lives and will do whatever it takes to ensure lifesaving medicines reach those who need it when they need it — every time.

The couple and business partners Entrepreneurs, Kam and Reet Phulwani from Medsurge Healthcare, are bridging the gap between sourcing quality lifesaving pharmaceuticals and ensuring the product reaches the patient or customer in the fastest turnaround possible. It all started with a clear vision of We Value Life, a passion for saving lives and a spare room in their house.

Established a little over ten years ago, Medsurge Healthcare is a consistently thriving and successful business based in Melbourne. It is a multi-award winning small to medium enterprise within the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s primary focus is meeting the medical requirements and needs of Australia. Medsurge Healthcare sources and markets a broad range of specialised, lifesaving and niche medicines to hospitals and retail pharmacies. The entire team work with partners who believe that operational sustainability and improving the quality of life is the crux of their direction.

Mr Tonee Sethi, Chief Editor of G’day India, recently interviewed the power couple Entrepreneurs, Kam and Reet, and was pleasantly surprised to receive such humble yet highly focused and passionate entrepreneurs. Time to meet the two people who dedicate their lives to helping others, and who embrace the industry no-one dared to tread because it was not commercially and financially viable. Entrepreneurs Kam and Reet bypassed this hurdle and got on with providing services that are in high demand by customers, consumers and the community.

Entrepreneurs Kam and Reet are from the city of Bhopal in India and have called Australia home for many years. Kam admits that he had his reservations about moving to Australia at the time but is grateful he listened to his wife about taking the chance to migrate. He adds, “Full credit to her… she initiated the drive” and braced with “guts and determination” the risk paid off. Together, they took the opportunity to move and fulfil their dream of running their business and making a real difference. What they did not factor in was that, in only a few years, the business would soar and succeed from strength to strength in more ways than ever predicated and with unbelievable far-reaching abilities.

Kam, the Founder, and CEO of Medsurge Healthcare, has always had a strong passion for Chemistry and Pharmacy. Braced with his Pharmacy Degree, he enjoys developing new products to help people, enabling better health solutions. Also, Kam’s father and grandfather are doctors, and he grew up involved in discussions about helping people in diagnosis and treatment. Reet shares Kam’s vision for helping people, but she is all business. Her upbringing immersed her deep within the family business, and with this came an awareness to bolster her desire to own a business that especially helps society. Reet has a Bachelor of Information Systems and a Masters in Information Technology.

Kam & Reet with PM Scott Morrison 2019

Kam and Reet are a unique couple that can work together and live together, with a shared vision and combined skill set to make things happen in Australia. However, it was not until Kam was in charge of purchasing and supplying lifesaving medicine that he realised something significant. The product to save the lives of a young couple was not available in Australia. He worked until the early hours of the morning, and days later, the medicine arrived. The couple survived because Kam sourced the medicine for treatment. The realisation of how challenging bringing lifesaving, critical medicines into Australia paved the way for creating and building Medsurge Healthcare. Kam and Reet understood that although the large pharmaceutical companies have an extensive portfolio, they primarily work on a profit basis and not stock niche market medicines. They found their opportunity to make a real and meaningful difference.

Kam and Reet’s vision matched their mindset and bridged the gap between Australia’s world-renowned healthcare system and lack of meeting the nation’s needs for crucial medicines. He states, “I think COVID-19 has proven to us that we have got the best healthcare system. The Australian people and government know that life is important, and they have a very clear idea even before COVID-19 that we have to make sure health should be the focus at all times.”

However, Kam reinforces why such medicines are not readily available. He voices, “Australia is a very small market when you look at the global picture, less than 2%. What that means is that wherever the production is happening, not only just for medicines but any product like the car, the TV and the phones, we are treated as the bottom of the whole list. The same goes for medicines. It’s not fair. It’s not right.” This is where Medsurge Healthcare has made a difference to the way professionals go about treating their patients because “Any products available in the world and required here for a patient, we source it. We deliver it on time when the patient requires it. The team works 24/7.”

When Mr Sethi asked Entrepreneurs Kam and Reet if Medsurge Healthcare is successful because they found an opportunity to fill a gap in the pharmaceutical industry, they both answered that there are multiple reasons to attribute their achievements and successes. Kam emphasises their motto We Value Life and expresses, “One reason is vision. Medsurge has a good vision, and I believe in that vision, and our team believes in that vision.” Along with this mindset are other factors, which influence having the right tools, appropriate systems in place and the right ideas to fill that gap. Kam suggests their continued success is because of their loyal and dedicated team. Also, knowing what the hospitals and retail pharmacies want and need, along with top service, quality products, product knowledge and sourcing capabilities, are all major players. Hence, all these reasons contribute to their success, and their reputation speaks for itself for repeat business.

Medsurge Team 2019

With so many contributing factors, Mr Sethi asked Kam and Reet to sum up all the overriding influences and supports in-regards-to their triumphs. Kam shares, “Vision, health and family, and all three brings about happiness.” Reet adds, “A happy person works at their best.” There is no challenging the power couple here, where happiness within the home, heart and handiwork creates a balance in juggling life and continued accomplishments. Kam ardently declares, “I love my kids. I love my family. I spend time with my wife every day and make sure that we have good family time as equally as business time. A good balance is essential. Health is a top priority, and money isn’t everything.”

It is no surprise that Medsurge Healthcare is the recipients of a long list of prestigious awards and significant nominations. Such as, in 2019, they won IABCA SME of the year. IABCA stands for India Australia Business and Community Awards and celebrates the relationship between the two nations. In particular, the celebration highlights their shared journey, contributions and development. In 2017, they won Businesses of Tomorrow Westpac 200, which showcases exceptional businesses that make valuable contributions to their industry and society through their achievements and how they shape the future. So, watch this space as Medsurge Healthcare has big plans to expand. It can only be described as phenomenal; full quality service will be conducted here in Australia and in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Kam and Reet are sincere, hardworking people with a clear vision who adopt smart pathways and utilise business acumen to make a real difference to help save lives. The links to their country of origin, family values, business experience, skill set, vision and personal philosophy is what creates this dedicated spirit.

Kam and Reet are entrepreneurs with a heart of gold.

By Agata Zema.