Wedding ring eaten by calf re-discovered at butcher’s shop

A wedding ring sucked off a man’s finger by a calf three years ago has been recovered from the animal’s stomach at a butcher’s shop, Daily Mail reported.

Dairy farmer Will Jelbart told the butcher to keep an eye out for the ring after the calf, by now a cow that ended up in the abattoir, was about to be cut up into steaks.

To the amazement of Jelbart, he and butcher Duane Thomas found the ring as they were sifting through dozens of cuts of meat.

The astonishing story of the calf and the swallowed ring emerged when Jelbart, who had been managing a tourist dairy farm in Lang Lang town, Melbourne, in 2009, appealed for the ring’s owner to come forward.

“A visitor told me at the time that a calf had sucked the ring from his finger and of course there was nothing we could do about it at the time,” he said.

Since then the calf, Yogie, has made its way to the freezer and then on to Thomas’s butcher’s shop. Jelbart remembered the missing ring and went to the butcher’s shop when Yogie’s carcass was being cut up.

“We were searching through the contents of one of Yogie’s stomachs when we found the ring,” Thomas told Melbourne’s Herald-Sun newspaper.