Women can detect your hidden ‘beauty’ online

Trying to woo a woman just by posting your best-looking snap alongside an online profile may not be the best idea after all; a study has found that women can identify a physically attractive man just by reading his profile.

According to the university study, good-looking men were able to convey their confidence and attractiveness in their written self-description and the women volunteers were able to recognise their beauty without being shown the man’s photograph, the Daily Mail reported.

Men whose photos were rated as attractive had written profiles that were also deemed to be attractive, despite words and images being rated by different judges, the study conducted by Villanova University in Philadelphia, US, found.

As part of the study, 100 men’s profiles were divided into four sets of 25, with each of the 50 females rating one subset of 25 photos and a different subset of 25 profile texts.

As many as 50 female university students were asked by academics to examine profiles and pictures of 100 men aged 22-25 who had posted on a popular dating website.

Each of these students was given 25 photographs and advised to rate how attractive they found each man if they were to consider him for a date, short-term sexual encounter or long-term relationship. They were also asked to observe how confident and masculine he seemed from the picture.

The women were then given written profiles of 25 different men and again asked how attractive each seemed for a date, for sex and for a long-term committed relationship. In addition to this, they were also asked to rate each candidate on how kind, confident, intelligent, funny or humorous he seemed from his profile.