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Mysore celebrates Dussehra with Pomp and Show

Mysore: Mysore Dussehra festivities have always been known for their grandeur. The famous ten-day Dussehra celebrations in the Indian city of Mysore came to an end...

Mourning Ravan on Dussehra!

Jodhpur: During the Indian festival of Dussehra, when people rejoice by burning effigies of Ravan, a few will mourn the day and offer special...

Indians greeted on the occasion of Dussehra

New Delhi: President of India Pratibha Patil, Vice President Hamid Ansari and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh greeted the nation on the occasion of...

Navratri celebrations begin in India

New Delhi: Dandiya sticks and ghagra cholis have marked the beginning of Navratri on September 28. Navratri is a nine night Indian festival that honours...


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