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WhatsApp says it has more users than Twitter

Messaging app WhatsApp now has more users than Twitter, company founder and CEO Jan Koum said at the AllThingsD Dive Into Mobile conference in...

iPad encrusted with T-rex bone

London: An iPad worth five million pounds has been customised by a specialist designer with gold, diamonds and shavings of a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone. Believed...

Your iPhone Can Now Get You A Free Drink

The world of apps (applications) in the iPhone is limitless. But this would easily be among the favourites for a lot of people. A...

A tap of finger to charge your iPad

Sydney: Thanks to a new discovery, a simple tap from your finger may be enough to charge portable devices like mobile phones and iPads. Simon...


Kishwar Chowdhury - Finalist, MasterChef Australia 2021

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