50-yr-old woman gives birth to healthy baby in Australia

QUEENSLAND : A 50-year-old woman has made history after becoming the oldest Australian woman to deliver a healthy first child.
A Gold Coast resident, Anthea Nicholas, became pregnant naturally, though she had a “one-in-several-million” chance of conceiving without in vitro fertilisation, and her chances of miscarriage were up to 70 per cent.
According to media reports, Nicholas said that she had linked her symptoms of nausea to early effects of menopause, till her husband Peter Byrne suggested that she might be pregnant.
“I knew the odds for us would be horrendous,” she said, adding “I had massive fear, there’s no other word for it.”
But the fears vanished when Nicholas Jay was born perfectly healthy five weeks ago.
Gynaecologist Andrew Cary said the birth was “a miracle”, as Nicholas also had a condition that would make pregnancy and delivery difficult for a woman of any age. (PTI)