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6 Ways to Choose A Dentist You Trust

Dr Ved Berani Principal Dentist & Clinical Advisor BDS(Mum), ADEC(Aust), MBA(Melb), FIADFE, MFGDP(UK)

What is the similarity between rocket science and choosing the right dentist? Both of these tasks are difficult! While we cannot help you with rocket science, we can surely provide you tips that will help you choose a dentist you can trust.

Whether you are relocating, looking for a specific dental treatment, or simply want to change your current dentist, these are the 6 ways to choose a dentist.

                          1. Word of Mouth
                            We trust our friends and family. And that’s where we can get dentist recommendations from. Your folks must have experienced a dentist’s services and know all that you need to know about them. Information such as payment plans, working hours can be obtained by talking to your people also. Listening to their positive or negative reviews can help you choose a dentist.
  1. Search Online
    The Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. You can just take out your smartphone and search for a dentist near you and it will list all the dentists nearby. You can get to know much information provided on their website like the services they provide. Reading previous patient reviews on a dentist’s and local directory websites can prove useful too.
  2. Visit Personally
    After hearing about it from people or reading it on the web, you need to visit a dentist’s clinic in person. You cannot trust something you have never seen. And therefore, you need to visit their clinic yourself and meet the dentists. You can decide better when you talk to the dentists and understand their way of treatment.
  3. Know Their Credentials
    When visiting a dentist, ask questions to know their qualifications and work experience in dentistry. Knowing these details can help you trust the dentist for your dental treatments. For example, when you visit us at Healthy Smiles Dental Group, you can comprehend that we have some of the best general and cosmetic dentistry practitioners, dental hygienists, oral health therapists, and specialist anaesthetist in our team.
  4. Analyse Clinic Facilities
    Along with the dentist credentials it is also important to know all the facilities that are available at the dentist’s clinic. Information such as what equipment is available, do you need to go to another hospital or day-care centre for major dental surgery, what are the working hours of the clinic, etc. is vital. At Healthy Smiles, you are sure to get treated by world-class equipment in our state-of-the-art dental clinic. We provide services in general, cosmetic and sedation dentistry.
  5. Decide After A Consultation
    To quote the famous baseball catcher, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.” No matter how much you research, it cannot replace the real experience. Hence, the best way to choose and trust a dentist is to go for a simple dental check-up or cleaning procedure. You can experience it yourself.

Feel free to visit us at Healthy Smiles Dental Group for a dental check-up. We are sure that the quality of our dental services and our friendly approach of our team will make us your trusted dentists.

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