Australia to woo Indian middle class tourists

Melbourne: Australia plans to renew its focus on wooing the cashed-up middle class population of India and China at the Australian Tourism Directions conference in Canberra.

At the conference, the country will also analyse the progress of plans to double overnight visitor spending to USD 140 billion by 2020, AAP reported.

“Now more than ever we need to remain focused on the big picture improvements that can enhance the long-term competitiveness of the sector,” federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson said.

“The conference will renew the industry’s focus on Asia and the rise of China as Australia’s most valuable tourism market,” he said. “It will also examine the need for more and better hotel accommodation, for higher investment in destinations and for increasing aviation capacity,” he added.

Tourism Australia head Andrew McEvoy said it was critical Australian operators learnt about the growing Chinese and Indian markets.

A new report released by Tourism Research Australia has revealed that tourism’s total contribution to the Australian economy in 2009/10 was USD 71.7 billion, or around 5.6 per cent of GDP