Gillard plays up government’s achievements at ALP conference

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, speaking at the Australian Labor Party three-day national conference underlined the government’s achievements.

She said that federal Labor governed well in its second term.

Ms Gillard said Labor party strived for job creation and achievement. She also pointed at the passage of the carbon tax.

“Great Labor achievements – great Australian opportunities,” she said. “As the party of jobs, we govern for jobs.”

“So in the worst global recession in seventy years, over conservative opposition in the parliament and beyond, we brought our economy through, stronger than any developed country and your Labor Government, created more than seven hundred thousand Australian jobs.”

Ms Gillard also commented on the Fair Work legislation.

“Your Labor government put Work Choices in the grave,” she said. “And only victory in 2013 will bury Work Choices forever.”

The Prime Minister also said that Labor’s focus was also on education, hard work and respect.

“And we meet as a party which knows that the Labor way is the Australian way,” she added. “Our great movement’s shared identity – and our grand party’s historic mission – combine as simply as this: we are Labor for Australia.”

Ms Gillard said the government was trying to bring the budget back to surplus. She urged the delegates attending the conference to “show it again this weekend as we make the hard decisions to prepare our nation for the future”.

“Delegates, in these coming days, I want us to have a fair dinkum Labor Party conference,” Ms Gillard said.

“We didn’t join Labor in our youth because we had no opinions. We didn’t come here for a coronation or a campaign launch. We came here for debates, we came here for surprises, we came here to have votes.”

The current Labor conference will see discussions on many issues, including same-sex marriage, uranium sales to India and asylum seekers.

The Australian Labor Party conference is being held in Sydney with the themes of jobs, growth and fairness.