Julia Gillard turns 50 today

Julia Gillard is not worried about turning 50 today. It seems like the Prime Minister is taking it in her stride.

“I’d have to say the only birthday change that ever worried me was when I went from my 20s into being 30. I thought that seemed like a really big shift, but since then turning 40 didn’t worry me, so I don’t think turning 50 is going to worry me either,” she said.

The Prime Minister is not taking the day off work and it will be business as usual. But Ms Gillard said she was glad to reach the milestone in Melbourne and is hoping for a quiet and private dinner tonight with partner Tim Mathieson and friends.

“I’m looking forward to spending a bit of time with Tim, but I’ve got plenty of work to do as well,” she said.

The Australian PM is tipped to have a bigger celebration to ‘mark the moment’ with friends next month.