Online Shopping increases this Festive Season

According to an Assocham survey on rising sales of consumer electronics and other products, the online shopping industry may touch Rs. 2,800 crore during this Diwali season.

Ishita Swarup, CEO & co-founder of, doesn’t find the online shopping movement unusual. “There has been a fairly upward trend internationally and India is not far behind. One-third of Christmas shopping also happens online,” she says. Ishita adds that shopping sites not only ensure convenience, but also variety.

Online shopaholics couldn’t agree more. In these times, people hardly have the time to visit markets during the festive season. So, online shopping offers both convenience and variety. All we need is to select gift options from the shopping websites.

“Normally, September is the slump month for sales because of Shraad, but interestingly this time we didn’t experience any dip in sales. And we have seen an increase of 60-70 per cent sales in the last one month,” informs Ishita.

According to Arindham Bose, Managing Director and chief customer officer,, which deals with consumer electronics, says that there hasn’t been a change in mindset but a change in situation. He explains why the sale of branded consumer goods like mobile phones, cameras, watches and even TV and washing machines online has skyrocketed.“A working couple has good money to spend, but little time to shop. But the availability of Internet comes as a boon for them. Then shopping hubs like ours not only offer best prices, but also manufactures warranty. That’s why our sales have doubled during the festival season,” he says.

Interestingly, the shopping site also opens a window for high-end brands for small towns where it’s unlikely for the brands to open their outlets. “Almost all shopping sites have a firm customer base in two-and-three tier cities, which are good spenders but don’t have access to high-end goods,” adds Arindham.