Pedigree pets held hostages in Australia

Melbourne: Business rivals hit a trader in Australia in a bizarre fashion by taking hostage his four pedigree fluffy canines for a USD 322,000 ransom over a multi-billion dollar deal gone sour.
The colourful businessman Ian Lazar found ten days ago that his four lapdogs had been snatched from his home in Sydney.
The dogs — Goldberg, a miniature poodle, Max, a Maltese terrier, and Bella and Lilly, Maltese shih-tzus — were taken from Lazar’s north shore home on July 21, Sydney Morning Herald reported.
Since then Lazar has been approached through third parties to buy them back or their throats would be slit one by one.
The business executive, who so far is refusing to cave in, believes that his pooches are being held by his two business rivals who claim that he owed them money over business deals.
He has so far refused to pay more than one million Australian dollars for business deals to the two men during the past year and hopes that the police or a hefty reward would ensure the safety of his dogs. (PTI)