Prince Charles and Camilla to visit Australia

The Queen has directed the members of the Royal family to visit different corners of the world as a part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Accordingly, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will visit Australia next year. This will be Prince Charles’ 14th Australian tour and first since 2005.

The Royals will travel to 15 realms, where the Queen remains the head of state, and other Commonwealth countries.

Prince William and Catherine will visit Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. Their visit is expected to attract the most attention.

Prince Harry will travel to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas. This will be his first solo trip on behalf of the Queen.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have decided to cut down their travel plans. However, they will travel extensively around the United Kingdom next year.

The Queen is the second longest serving monarch after Queen Victoria, who ruled for 63 years.

The celebrations will be held from June 2-5.