Unions bring out nine-point jobs plan

Unions feel that the Federal Government and industry should extend more support to local jobs. The unions believe this will be possible through adopting a nine-point action plan, which will include removing tax incentives for companies that want to take operations offshore.

ACTU president Ged Kearney said there needed to be more support for local jobs and industries. Ged Kearney spoke at the jobs forum in Canberra.

“More support for local jobs and industries through local content rules, a crackdown on dumping and stronger enforcement of labour rights are essential to ensure Australians continue to have secure jobs with good pay and conditions well into the future,” Ms Kearney said in a statement.

The plan asks for a review of tax system and wants incentives removed for companies to set up offshore workforces. It also encourages local and foreign companies to develop their businesses in Australia.

It also says that Australians should have the right to know which companies sourced services from within Australia.

The plan also wants financial services and business services industries to develop strategies to support local workers.

Resources companies in the country should be required to explain why local manufacturers are excluded from their projects. ACTU said that the 457 visa program used by foreign workers should be limited and audited.