Victorians are already leading the charge with better bag habits

The Countdown begins for Victoria’s plastic bag ban

As the clock ticks down to the Victorian Government’s state-wide plastic bag ban on 1 November, research shows most Victorians are already choosing alternatives to lightweight plastic bags.

Recent research carried out by Sustainability Victoria highlights that on average three quarters of Victorians are already using reusable bags when shopping for food and other items, like clothes and shoes. Of those, older Victorians are the group most likely to remember their bags and females top the bill as being the most likely group to use reusable bags when shopping compared to males. Currently almost 77% of Victorians are in favour of the forthcoming ban.

Sustainability Victoria’s Better Bag Habits campaign aims to build further on this positive community support by offering some simple tips and ideas to help Victorians build better bag habits and get used to remembering their bags ahead of the state-wide ban. These include:
• Before you leave home remember: Bag, Wallet, Keys and Phone.
• Keep reusable bags by the front door, at work or in your car – where you are more likely to remember them.
• Keep a foldable bag with you throughout the day in your handbag or backpack.
• Get used to saying ‘no bag please’ at the checkout.
• Take a bag or container at lunchtime when purchasing food from cafés and restaurants.

The Better Bag Habits campaign has enlisted the help of comedian Sam Simmons to promote the Bag, Wallet, Keys, Phone tagline through a series of online videos and adverts. The catchy jingle aims to help Victorians remember to take a reusable bag with them every day.

Sustainability Victoria’s Interim CEO, Carl Muller commenting on the Better Bag Habits campaign, said; “With just over a month to go, it is great to see that Victorians are taking positive steps to reduce their single-use plastic consumption and build better habits around reusable bags.

“Research shows that these early adopters are more motivated to take charge of their overall plastic consumption, leading the way in their communities.

“When the ban comes into effect, carrying a reusable bag will be second nature to us, like picking up your wallet, keys and phone before leaving the house,” he continued.

Sustainability Victoria’s Better Bag Habits campaign aims to change consumer behavior ahead of the Victorian Government’s state-wide ban on plastic bags with a thickness of 35 microns or less – lightweight plastic shopping bags. This includes degradable, biodegradable and compostable bags. The ban is the first step towards reducing single-use and unnecessary plastics.

The ban applies to all retailers including supermarkets, food outlets, clothing stores, markets, cafes, bakeries, greengrocers and many more.

(Sustainability Victoria media release)